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Growshop - for the passionate grower!

The Highstreet Growshop offers only high quality plant and mushroom growing products. It doesn’t matter if you are a starter or a more advanced grower. Straight from Amsterdam we provide you with the tools you need to grow your own crops, plants, cactus and magic mushrooms.

Do you like to grow your own? Highstreet growshop has nice selection of indoor plant lighting, hydroponic grow systems, PH & EC measurements, grow boxes, climate control, fertilizer, timers, scales, etc. These products are of high quality and especially suitable for the cultivation of cannabis. Our team of professional consultants can offer you accurate advice and guidance on all your questions about growing.

Highstreet growshop is the ultimate source for Quality Exotic Magic Mushroom Spores, syringes, prints, supplies, and Mushroom Growing Kits. Are you growing mushrooms? Need mushroom growing equipment or supplies. Highstreet growshop has mushroom supplies for both the beginner and advanced fungi cultivator. All of our prints and spore syringes are prepared in sterile lab conditions to eliminate the possibility of contamination. Growing mushrooms isn't difficult with the proper supplies and tools. Growing mushrooms is fun and easy!

During the year 2010 we will add more products to our growshop.

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