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Herbal XTC
What is the best of these legal, natural ecstasy - also called herbal XTC - products? The answer is: which you like most of these ecstasy s depends on personal taste. However, lots of people prefer the natural herbal XTC kinds.

Most ingredients of these herbal XTC increase the amount of adrenaline in your brain, which makes you feel energized and euphoric. The effects of these herbal XTC -s are probably less damaging than the effects of alcohol. Some possible ingredients in these herbal XTC products are Guarana, Caffeine, Siberian Ginseng, lots of different vitamins, amino acids and Kola nut.

Herbal XTC products should not be used when taking MAO-inhibitors, anti-depressants or ephedrine containing prescription drugs. Persons with a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes a prostate disorder or Phenylketonurica should not take herbal XTC products. Do not combine herbal XTC products with heavy physical exercise. Do not drive motorized vehicles or operate machines after taking herbal XTC products. Discontinue use of an herbal XTC product immediately in case of nervousness, sleeplessness, reduced appetite, and tremor or heart palpitations. Always consult a physician in case of doubt!

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