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Sclerotia: magic truffles are here!

Sclerotia: magic truffles are here!
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Posted: 06-05-2010 22:21:00
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Synopsis: magic truffles

Sclerotium or Sclerotia (plural) is a type of fungus which does not resemble a mushroom but is hard and dark colored with the consistency of cereal. It typically can be found under the cap of certain edible mushrooms and can remain dormant for a long time, in some cases up to ten years. Sclerotia for euphoric trips are also known as philosopher’s stone, magic truffles or magic mushrooms.

The history of Sclerotia dates back to 5000 years B. C. where the earliest history came from cave carvings found in Northern Algeria, Central and Southern America. In Mexican culture, the Mixtecs worshipped a god of hallucinatory plants called Seven Flower or Piltzintecuhtli. Among the “7 Flowers” was a “divine” mushroom and was recorded somewhere between the 13th and 15th century showing seven gods holding mushrooms. The Aztec tribes used a form of Sclerotia or philosopher’s stone in their religious ceremonies and rites to enhance them. The Shaman of each tribe carefully collected them and used them for teaching in their holiest ceremonies and served them with chocolate and honey.

It is generally believed the type of edible, hallucinogenic Sclerotia or truffles consumed by the early tribes were Psilocybe Atlantis, found only in Fulton County, Georgia and Psilocybe Pajaritos or little bird. Pajaritos are so called because some say they make one sing like a little bird. These philosopher’s stones are rare and often overlooked. They contain Psilocin and Psilocybin which contribute to the hallucinogenic effects.

The effects of truffles or Sclerotia include a psychedelic state of mind with visual trips lasting up to six hours. These effects typically diminish somewhat after the initial 3 hours with a stoned effect for the additional three. It is best to eat truffles on an empty stomach for a maximum euphoric experience. Trips with truffles typically are more controllable and less addictive than other psychedelic drugs. Other effects of truffles or magic mushrooms include a wonderful feeling of well being and drunkenness with colorful pleasant visions. Medicinal uses include the relief of chronic debilitating headaches and symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. It has been reported headaches do not reoccur for at least 12 months after a treatment of magic mushrooms. Patients make a tea from the Psilocybin or Psilocin and drink it over a 30 minute interval on a full stomach. Migraine headaches sometimes result from a serotonin imbalance in the brain which Sclerotia can control.

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Comments on Sclerotia: magic truffles are here!

marc rostel 27-05-2010 01:22:01
i tried these bad boys out, although i dissapointingly didnt use it in big enough quantities to hallucinate alot, however i did have a very good body buzz similar to ecstacy and there were some visual distortions. i would definately buy again and use in bigger portions.
i was surprised how potent they actually were! one night i drank about 7 pints and decided to eat about 3 grams just to see if drinking reallly affected its potency....... i definately felt it quicker and more than i would have without the alchohol as 3 grams is a tiny amount! all in all good product and very quick discreet delivery!
Cook 28-05-2010 00:24:05
Ive recently ordered from this site once before for the Golden Teacher Grow kit. i was a bit skeptical at first. however after my first yield of an ounce in only 14 days! i was very relived. and a couple days later i decided i wanted to give the Atlantis truffles a try. i still haven't received the order but im sure they will be everything Ive expected. also just a suggestion, you might also want to try purchasing a MAO inhibitor from this site like Peganum harmala to insure you get the most of the active compounds into your system...Have A Nice Trip.:)
marc rostel 17-05-2010 12:56:35
i ordered some of the tamparanensis last wednesday but the payment didnt go through untill friday in the morning. i have to say i was feeling rather skeptical as to whether i had been mugged off and charged but nothing was going to arrive. this is because i havent really found any information anywhere from people who had used this site! unexpectedly they came today, very pleased with the fast delivery and i shall go back in future if when i try them they are good. i will leave a message once they have been tried n tested :D laters aligators
p.s. i am kinda surprised about the medicinal uses too sophia, what does a man have to do to get prescriptions like that! :D
SophiaLOVE 12-05-2010 18:36:59
I have had the opportunity to experience philosopher truffle magic once, and I've never felt such ONEness .... I have recently ordered some from HighStreet and trust they're wonderful as well :)
I knew the history of the cultural usage, but didn't know of the amazing medicinal/body benefits... Blessed be.xxoo
backfire 16-06-2010 17:28:18
I became impatient with the shipping time but that is just me. I received them only 9 days after I paid and that is pretty quick, actually as I live very far away. Can anyone direct me to resources for reading the ancient history about sclerotia ??I did not enjoy history in school but I am much older now and I love the history of the products. I believe that many of these products have helped cultures refrain from killing each other off and many other facts and truths that our "blacksheep uncles" told us about.
develop the PEACE
Dom 17-07-2010 17:20:41
Just got back from the dam and had a box of Golden Teacher and my boyfriend shared a box (approx 15grams) they were the best fun...just laughed and had gentle visuals and auditives. Had the Dolphins a couple of days ago and although they were a bit more visual, i have to say that the euphoric laughing truffles were the best. Have tried all sorts of shrooms in the past and have become a truffle fanatic!! bloody awesome!!
HAPPYLEAF 29-12-2010 22:26:36
this product is great had good experience lighter trip than most magic mushrooms but should be in a class of its own i had no anxiety and felt more comfortable than i ever have been the quality of highstreet is unmatched thats why i am a return customer
superbike... 31-12-2010 05:26:13
Bought the 50g fresh... should have eaten the whole amount the first time but split it up doing 10 at first then an hour later did another 10... reasonable head and body.... Three days later I did the remaing 30 and I was almost exactly where I wanted to be but the experience reminded me of how strong willed I was and needed no further convincing. Again, sometime in the future I'll have at the full 50g at once.... at a hardcore/metal show..... hahahahahaha

Enjoy, safely. Low doses to high at all times... even mother nature has a sense of humor sometimes... trip carefully so we can trip again.... peace...
Baum 16-04-2011 07:34:59
omfg there is something about 12 of those things and a avenged sevenfold concert go together thank u guys for opening my eyes to this great big wide world
Banjo 21-05-2011 01:28:29
It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunhisne.
JB 16-01-2012 21:52:36
I could hardly believe how fast my order arrived. Of course living here in the propaganda filled so called free US I had my doubts. I'd either get my order or something worse would appear at my front door. The prices are a bit high when Euros are converted but I'm happy still.

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