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Smartshop – for an energized and euphoric YOU!

The Highstreet Smartshop is the first online and leading smartstore in the heart of the Red Light District Amsterdam and offers a large variety of products that will make life more pleasant for you. We started in 1999 and have many years of experience in selling a wide collection of superior quality legal highs and lifestyle products.

Our best selling products include Salvia divinorum, magic herbs, psychedelic cacti, energizers, kratom extract, psilocybe magic truffles, etc. You’ll also find exclusive range of herbal xtc and peyote cactus, drug tests, mushroom growkits, ethnobotanicals here at the Highstreet Smartshop. Also, check out the health section were you will find diet pills, vitamins and sport supplements.

We stand 100% behind all the products we sell. We are sad that sometimes new policies and regulations often make our work very difficult. We are always looking for new quality smart and euphoric products! We also provide worldwide shipping and fast delivery, online product information and excellent customer support.

Do not use our products if you are under 18 years of age, pregnant, breastfeeding, using medication or before you ask your doctor for advice. Always begin with a smaller dosage than that which is listed in the user's information. If the desired effect has not yet been reached you may increase the dosage lightly until the desired effect has been reached.

Do not use our smartshop products in combination with other drugs, supplements, medicine or alcohol. Give your body a week rest in between experiments. If you plan on using our products, we advise you to be in good physical condition, calm environment and a relaxed attitude. Many of our products can hinder your reaction ability. Use caution while operating machinery, driving, working or studying.

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Herbal XTC
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Herbs Mind Broadening Psychedelics Relaxing
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Mind Broadening
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